Keyed USB Port Cable Lock

The New USB Port Locks are an excellent solution for laptops that don's have built in security slots. With it's universal design, it's designed to fit in just about any USB 2.0 or 3.0, Making it the ideal Chromebook Lock, Ultrabook Lock or Tablet Lock.

The Keyed USB Port Cable Lock is also available without a cable, allows you to keep your USB ports secure and information where it belongs, In your hands!

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Also Available: Master Keyed, Keyed Alike, Resettable Combination

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    • Cable_Thickness
    • 4.5 mm (3/16 inch)
    • Cable_Length
    • 108 cm (6.0 ft)
    • Lock_Diameter
    • N/A
    • Load_Strength
    • N/A
    • Options
    • Master Keyed, Keyed Alike, Keyed Different, Combination
    • P/N
    • USBL02
  • Oliver

    Many laptops are coming without the locking ports these days. This is a fantastic alternative... Been using them for 6 months now with no issues.

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